Hi my name is Jack and I have a passion for trees and I’ve been in the tree service industry for over 35 years. I’ve learned everything there is to know about trees including how to properly grow the right tree for your yard.

Consider how your selection will fill in to the planting area over time. Make a few sketches or, if you don’t trust your own artistic talent, consult available landscape design software, or a landscape designer. Trees purchased from wholesale and retail nurseries and garden supply stores generally come in one of three forms: Balled and Burlapped, Container-Grown ,& Bare-Rooted. Why Does Soil Need My Help? Soil is not just dirt. Soil is an ecosystem where thousands of different organisms coexist, often competing, but often helping each other survive. Plants, animals, fungi, bacteria – all have forged lasting symbiotic relationships with other species at some point in their evolutionary histories. They rely on the benefits of these relationships through times of hardship. Soil also contains large numbers of mineral elements.

The composition of these elements varies greatly from region to region which is one reason that some plants do well in certain areas, while others quickly die. The tree in your front yard didn’t evolve to grow in a mown yard next to a driveway. It evolved in a forest with all of the other organisms in that ecosystem. The soil of a tree’s native habitat contains the right composition of minerals and the proper mixture of living things to enable the tree to prosper. When a tree is planted in an urban environment, the soil is almost invariably inadequate for ideal growth. It lacks certain minerals, beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Add to this the fact that most urban soils are also severely compacted and often polluted, you begin to see why something needs to be done.

This is only tip of the iceberg, stay tuned on this blog to learn more about tree planting and tree care.

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