Arborist the super hero that climbs trees like Spider Man


What if there was an arborist super hero out there who people could call on when they need tree service? This guy couldn’t do just any regular tree trimming, he would have to provide his tree care to things like the Ents from the Tolkien books that walked around so it would be a bit more of an adventure. Or maybe there could be evil trees like the one from Sleepy Hollow and the super arborist could do a little stump shaving or stump removal so Christopher Walken couldn’t ride out of it on his horse anymore.

He could have an emblem on his spandex outfit with a picture of one of those saws on the poles. Of course no super hero is just going to have a phone number or a website that you could call like a regular tree trimming service, this guy needs some kind of beacon that tells him that citizens are in need of some tree care or maybe a woodchipper. Like the bat signal, only this superhero would have his saw emblem or maybe a leaf on a spotlight shining on the clouds.

Super Hero Tree Service

His name could be Tree Care, or the Arborist. Maybe Stump Remover? Protecting the city from safety hazards, blights, trees protruding into power lines and the occasional mutant elm tree. Even if he or she didn’t have any real superpowers or even skills superceding the average arborist or tree care technician, the kids would still get a kick out of a superhero in tights and a cape and maybe a mask taking care of their tree trimming or stump shaving. How would you like to have a superhero do your tree removal?

On his or her downtime this superhero could perform other amazing feats like additional lawn care and landscaping. The average tree service really would just have to portray things like groundhogs and moles as deadly threats and the superhero arborist would look pretty legit. They would roll up to your house in a truck with a woodchipper right in the front so they could just drive right into the stump or tree which is to be removed and start shaving it down. The truck would need all the tree service accessories so any tree care job like tree trimming, stump shaving, tree removal, stump removal and all other landscaping needs would be accommodated.

Probably the best way to look flashy in a real life situation would to be sort of a tree acrobat, like an arborist who braves their tree trimming work without the use of safety equipment like harnesses and swings from branch to branch and stump to stump trimming branches and trimming trees and removing stumps. Like a little monkey or ninja type person that climbs up and applies their expert tree care and tree services with unparallelled expertise and knowledge.

Emergency tree service is an actual thing because trees are always falling on cars, power lines, homes, maybe even people, so the superhero arborist would be pretty important. Some of these emergencies might even warrant having a siren on the woodchipper mobile so traffic would stay out of the arborist’s way as they rush to the scene. Stay tuned for more.

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