How to Tree Climb: Going up and Down a Massive Tree?


What goes up must come down. That is what I think when I hear that someone is a tree climber, rock, cave, heck any type of climber really. However, when it comes to tree climbing you have to be able to get up and down a tree quickly and efficiently. Its the great tree climbers that make a great tree service company. You may have twenty or more jobs to take care of. Time wasted is money not earned. Out there are many different techniques and systems out there that promise just that. An easy, quick, and safe ascend and descend. Prusik Pulley System is one of the most important and well known systems. Making its debut in an Austrian manual for mountain climbing in 1931 it is still a favorite amongst climbers of all sorts, not just tree climbers. Name after the Austrian mountain climber, Karl Prusik, he created it in a way that a climber can use it very easily. In fact, after some practice and use a person could attach it with just one hand. Therefore making the Prusik easy to use, less damaging system of getting up and down any old tree.

If you want to try out the Prusik pulley simply, make a double fisherman’s knot around your rope about three to five times. Then, thread the rope back through you knots leaving a bit hanging like a tail in the middle of your knots. Put weight on the tail, it will tightened. If the weight is released or lighten, it will open up. Therefore, you will be able to move again. You control the movement by pushing those series of double angler knots in the middle. One should always be mindful that the Prusik Pulley could only be use on double ropes.

The Petzl ZigZag is One of the more commonly recognize pulley systems that follow the Prusik method. The Petzl ZigZag allows the climber to mechanically ascend and descend with grace and ease. By taking advantage of the Prusik Pulley Systems, it is a popular and beloved piece of climbing equipment. Fashioned with a linked rings it allows the climber to stop and move with ease. Like sand passing through an hourglass. Many climbers love this system because of just that, the ease of use, made of steel it can stand a beating, and the pressure released allows easy stopping. Some of the Petzl users reported that some of their pulleys were not stopping. Causeing some climbers to fall. But they have since corrected the issue.

When it comes to tree climbing try out different types of equipments, knots, pulley sytems, and ropes until you find what works for you and the job. Maybe you are more of a jumar man but you will not know unless you give it a try. The Prusik Pulley Systems is just one of the many ways of asceding and descending a rope. It is a common and entrusted way for any climber to get up and down their ropes. That has been around for many years. This writer believes that it will be around for many mores.

It is difficult but then again there are tree climbers like Eddie from Wilmington, NC that are absolute masters when it comes to climbing difficult to climb trees out there, I mean just check out there tree removal page at and they’ll tell you exactly why they are the best in town. Hint: Amazing Tree Climbers… They are far and few to come by…

Cutting down a tree…it ain’t easy

TreeRemoval (4)

So you have a big tree in your yard and you’re afraid that it will fall onto your house, your neighbor house, car, or some possession. Or you just bought a house. Of course it’s a fixer upper but now you realized that some of the trees are dead and you have to remove them. What should you do? Of course you can call a tree service and have they come out and take care of it. But what if you didn’t budget for that or you feel confident that you can do it yourself. What should you do?

Safety is Top Priority in Tree Service

Safety first. Before starting make sure that you have goggles to protect your eyes from dust and fallen particles. Gloves to ensure a good grip and protect it from cuts and splinters. Earmuffs or plugs, you will have to use a chain saw and the whine from it could possibly cause hearing damage. Work boots and make sure that your legs and arms are covered, if you can get a pair Kevlar pants. Don’t forget a first aid kit just in case. One can never be too careful.

Chainsaw safety Clothing:

You should also determine your escape route. The path you planning on running when the tree starts to fall. Have this mapped out before you start to make any cuts on the tree. When it starts to fall you have to quickly move out of its way. If you already determine this route you will execute a lot easier than at time that the tree is falling.

Check out the tree. Is leaning to one side more than another? Are there any dead branches? Where is the best place for it to fall? Is there anything in its way? Power lines, telephone poles, other branches? Determine your drop zone before making any type of cut. After answering these questions you have doubts of your ability to do this, then call a tree service company. Anytime you feel that you can’t do this, stop, and call a tree service. Otherwise let’s move on.

Final Touches on Tree Removal

You must bear in mind that a hollow sounding tree that may be dying is a lot easier to cut then a healthy tree. You can tap on the tree with an axe to determine this. Figure out which way you want it to fall, then with your axe cut a horizontal line with your axe that is no higher than your hip.

After making this horizontal cut, with the axe make a wedge cut that should resemble a slice of cake. This wedge cut can be made above or below the horizontal cut. After the wedge cut using a chain saw make the back cut. This cut is will determine where the tree will fall. This cut should be as thick as possible. Remember the back cut is the cut that will make to tree fall. While cutting pay attention to the tree. Once it begins to fall, run!

After the tree has fallen with your chain saw you can begin cutting down the tree into more manageable pieces. Use a tree chipper to make mulch with the wood. Or cut it down into fire wood that can be use personally or sold as firewood.

Remember cutting down the tree is a big, scary, and dangerous task to undertake. It is always better to use an expert. But for whatever reason you feel that you can handle this task on your own then I hope that these tips will make it an accurate and safe procedure for you.

Stay tuned for more tree care insights on this blog

Guide to Get the tree service you need


When it comes to utilizing the best type of tree service, the important thing to remember is that you have options. You have options when it comes to making sure that you get the best when it comes to tree cutting services, stump grinding, tree care, and a whole lot more. It’s all about keeping your options open, and knowing that by keeping your options open that you can and will get the best type of tree service out there.


Importance of knowing the signs of Great Tree Service Company

It’s important to remember that there are certain things that you can and do need to look into when it comes to getting the best possible tree service. You need to consider if the service offers tree trimmers, tree pruners, tree cutters, stump grinders, and a whole lot more. It’s also important to remember that when it comes to the right kind of services for your trees that you need to consider how much you want to spend, how much work you need done, and how much time is needed. These are all important factors to consider. It’s also important to take into consideration, if you need in an arborscape tree service or not, this of course is a very important factor to consider, because by doing so you can guarantee that you’ll get the best in what you need and want. It’s also important to take into consideration that there are a wide variety of services offered for trees, and by getting the one you need, and getting the best of the best, you can guarantee that you’ll never lose sight of what matters when it comes to taking care of your trees.

Another key aspect when it comes to tree service is stump removal. With the right kind of stump removal, you can easily remove the stump itself, so that you will not have to worry when it comes to making sure that you don’t have any left-over debris, issues with the stump itself, and you also will not have to worry when it comes to making sure that your tree removal process is efficient, on point, and wonderful as a whole. It’s so important to make sure that you keep all of these key elements in mind, so that you can get the best of everything when it comes to stump removal as part of your service.

This company surely knows what they are doing:

I’ve known their owner for over 40 years!


By remembering these simple yet efficient elements, you can rest assured that not only will you get the best, but you will also have the best when it comes to a service that makes sure that your trees are removed, with no issues related to stumps, branches, debris, and more. Rest assured and truly know that you can get what you need when you need it for your tree service, with things such as pruning, and making sure that you’ll never have to worry about your tree having issues at all, because you truly deserve the best. Don’t settles for less, but instead compact all services together for real quality.

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Types of Trees Out there


Today at work, Bob told me that I ought to know and understand the different types of trees, and what types of diseases they develop that requires us to cut them down and remove them, as well as learn to use even more tools. In this post I will go into the different types of trees, then the diseases, then the equipment I learned how to use in the process.

The Sugar Maple

The Sugar Maple is the most common tree in Michigan at this current time. It can easily be identified by its leaves, which are shaped like the leaf on the Canadian flag. They can grow to be over 140 feet tall, and if healthy, can live to be over 400 years old. It is used to produce many things, as well as maple syrup. The Mohegans even used the bark as a cough remedy. I’ll have to try that sometime. There are also many other types of maples that grow around this part of America as well, including:

The Red Maple

The Red Maple is the second most common tree in Michigan, and its leaves are the same as the sugar maple, but are a brilliant red color. They usually grow to be over 80 feet tall, and as a matter of fact, the tallest known red maple tree is located in Armada, Michigan, and measures in at about 125 feet.

The White Cedar

The white cedar can also be found all throughout Michigan. It has scaly leaves, and they normally grow to be over 60 feet tall, with a reddish-brown bark that peels into strips. Its cones and leaves are a hassle to deal with in the fall, so we get a lot of clients who want us to just take them down. The white cedar is considered a medicinal tree among Ojibwe culture, its leaves are rich in vitamin c and are believed to have been used to cure the scurvy of Jaques Cartier. Its leaves also contain thujone, which can be harmful if used for prolonged periods of time. Its essential oils are used to manufacture various cleaning products, soaps, disinfectants, air sprays, pesticides, and much more.

The Red Pine

The red pine tree is a tall coniferous evergreen that can grow as much as 150 feet high. Its leaves are needle-like in appearance. They can also live to be very old; up to 500 years. Their lumber is very desirable as well, it is used to make paper pulp. They are also used in landscaping.

The Quaking Aspen

Also known as the trembling aspen, quakies, trembling poplar, and many other names, is the fifth most common tree in Michigan at the time. Its called so because it appears as though it is trembling due to its flexible petioles, which is the piece that connects the leaf to the stem. They grow to be quite tall, up to over 80 feet, and grow quite fast, too. They also have a smooth greenish-gray bark. This has been my summary on the top five trees most common in Michigan that we work on. Hope you liked the article. Follow the blog for more information on arbors. Follow this blog to learn more on arbors.


Arborist the super hero that climbs trees like Spider Man


What if there was an arborist super hero out there who people could call on when they need tree service? This guy couldn’t do just any regular tree trimming, he would have to provide his tree care to things like the Ents from the Tolkien books that walked around so it would be a bit more of an adventure. Or maybe there could be evil trees like the one from Sleepy Hollow and the super arborist could do a little stump shaving or stump removal so Christopher Walken couldn’t ride out of it on his horse anymore.

He could have an emblem on his spandex outfit with a picture of one of those saws on the poles. Of course no super hero is just going to have a phone number or a website that you could call like a regular tree trimming service, this guy needs some kind of beacon that tells him that citizens are in need of some tree care or maybe a woodchipper. Like the bat signal, only this superhero would have his saw emblem or maybe a leaf on a spotlight shining on the clouds.

Super Hero Tree Service

His name could be Tree Care, or the Arborist. Maybe Stump Remover? Protecting the city from safety hazards, blights, trees protruding into power lines and the occasional mutant elm tree. Even if he or she didn’t have any real superpowers or even skills superceding the average arborist or tree care technician, the kids would still get a kick out of a superhero in tights and a cape and maybe a mask taking care of their tree trimming or stump shaving. How would you like to have a superhero do your tree removal?

On his or her downtime this superhero could perform other amazing feats like additional lawn care and landscaping. The average tree service really would just have to portray things like groundhogs and moles as deadly threats and the superhero arborist would look pretty legit. They would roll up to your house in a truck with a woodchipper right in the front so they could just drive right into the stump or tree which is to be removed and start shaving it down. The truck would need all the tree service accessories so any tree care job like tree trimming, stump shaving, tree removal, stump removal and all other landscaping needs would be accommodated.

Probably the best way to look flashy in a real life situation would to be sort of a tree acrobat, like an arborist who braves their tree trimming work without the use of safety equipment like harnesses and swings from branch to branch and stump to stump trimming branches and trimming trees and removing stumps. Like a little monkey or ninja type person that climbs up and applies their expert tree care and tree services with unparallelled expertise and knowledge.

Emergency tree service is an actual thing because trees are always falling on cars, power lines, homes, maybe even people, so the superhero arborist would be pretty important. Some of these emergencies might even warrant having a siren on the woodchipper mobile so traffic would stay out of the arborist’s way as they rush to the scene. Stay tuned for more.

Healthy by Changing Profession?


Here is a an excerpt of my diary when I used to work in a office, this is me wondering about the health epidemic in our country. Now that I work for a tree service business I am out and active all the time. It is a much healthier life style and it forces me to eat well because I need to keep my body rejuvenated for the long day at work.

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a lot harder than healthy people like to admit to let on. When there is a McDonald’s or Burger King or some other fast food place on just about every corner offering all types of delicious but bad for you junk foods, how do you resist.

I work at an office job and sometimes it’s easier to just order some food and have it delivered and most times, it’s not anything healthy, it’s Chinese food, pizza, or sub sandwiches. I know if I took the extra effort at home to prepare myself a good lunch, not only would I be more healthy, I would save a lot of money. Junk food is quick, easy, and very accessible. I counted how many different places there are on the way to work today and there are 17. I only work 10 minutes away from my home and there are 17 different options for me to be unhealthy and 10 of those 17 have breakfast options. So just in case I’m actually going to eat something for breakfast, I can stop to either get a sandwich that has all the calories that I should be eating for the day in it or some donuts or other pastries and a drink that has enough calories for two days.

The thing with fast food places is that even when they offer salads or items that should be healthy, they’re not really, they just have less calories that the other items on the menu. They’ll have a salad and top it with fried chicken, bacon, and ranch dressing and claim that it’s healthy when it really actually isn’t. Then there are the places that actually do have healthier options but because there were additional procedures that the company had to use to procure the healthier foods or cook it separate from their junk foods, it’s more expensive. Most people want to eat better but don’t want to have to spend more money than they usually do in order to do so. I would love to shop at places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s because they have tons of organic and clean foods but they also have things like peanut butter for $27.

I would rather continue shopping at Publix and Winn Dixie where I can get some pretty decent peanut butter for $2. Or invest in tree services, trees can feed you better than that. I have kids and I do want them to have good eating habits so when I can afford it, I do try to get organic things for them and I keep them away from fast food but sometimes in a rush, I do slack off. Granted I know that making a burger at home is different from buying one at restaurant because at least I know what I’m putting in mine. There are all kinds of rumors about fast food not even really being real food, where is the federal regulation on these things?

Maybe that’s why so many kids have developed so many different allergies over the years, because of the crap that we’re eating but don’t even know about.