Cutting down a tree…it ain’t easy

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So you have a big tree in your yard and you’re afraid that it will fall onto your house, your neighbor house, car, or some possession. Or you just bought a house. Of course it’s a fixer upper but now you realized that some of the trees are dead and you have to remove them. What should you do? Of course you can call a tree service and have they come out and take care of it. But what if you didn’t budget for that or you feel confident that you can do it yourself. What should you do?

Safety is Top Priority in Tree Service

Safety first. Before starting make sure that you have goggles to protect your eyes from dust and fallen particles. Gloves to ensure a good grip and protect it from cuts and splinters. Earmuffs or plugs, you will have to use a chain saw and the whine from it could possibly cause hearing damage. Work boots and make sure that your legs and arms are covered, if you can get a pair Kevlar pants. Don’t forget a first aid kit just in case. One can never be too careful.

Chainsaw safety Clothing:

You should also determine your escape route. The path you planning on running when the tree starts to fall. Have this mapped out before you start to make any cuts on the tree. When it starts to fall you have to quickly move out of its way. If you already determine this route you will execute a lot easier than at time that the tree is falling.

Check out the tree. Is leaning to one side more than another? Are there any dead branches? Where is the best place for it to fall? Is there anything in its way? Power lines, telephone poles, other branches? Determine your drop zone before making any type of cut. After answering these questions you have doubts of your ability to do this, then call a tree service company. Anytime you feel that you can’t do this, stop, and call a tree service. Otherwise let’s move on.

Final Touches on Tree Removal

You must bear in mind that a hollow sounding tree that may be dying is a lot easier to cut then a healthy tree. You can tap on the tree with an axe to determine this. Figure out which way you want it to fall, then with your axe cut a horizontal line with your axe that is no higher than your hip.

After making this horizontal cut, with the axe make a wedge cut that should resemble a slice of cake. This wedge cut can be made above or below the horizontal cut. After the wedge cut using a chain saw make the back cut. This cut is will determine where the tree will fall. This cut should be as thick as possible. Remember the back cut is the cut that will make to tree fall. While cutting pay attention to the tree. Once it begins to fall, run!

After the tree has fallen with your chain saw you can begin cutting down the tree into more manageable pieces. Use a tree chipper to make mulch with the wood. Or cut it down into fire wood that can be use personally or sold as firewood.

Remember cutting down the tree is a big, scary, and dangerous task to undertake. It is always better to use an expert. But for whatever reason you feel that you can handle this task on your own then I hope that these tips will make it an accurate and safe procedure for you.

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