How to Tree Climb: Going up and Down a Massive Tree?


What goes up must come down. That is what I think when I hear that someone is a tree climber, rock, cave, heck any type of climber really. However, when it comes to tree climbing you have to be able to get up and down a tree quickly and efficiently. Its the great tree climbers that make a great tree service company. You may have twenty or more jobs to take care of. Time wasted is money not earned. Out there are many different techniques and systems out there that promise just that. An easy, quick, and safe ascend and descend. Prusik Pulley System is one of the most important and well known systems. Making its debut in an Austrian manual for mountain climbing in 1931 it is still a favorite amongst climbers of all sorts, not just tree climbers. Name after the Austrian mountain climber, Karl Prusik, he created it in a way that a climber can use it very easily. In fact, after some practice and use a person could attach it with just one hand. Therefore making the Prusik easy to use, less damaging system of getting up and down any old tree.

If you want to try out the Prusik pulley simply, make a double fisherman’s knot around your rope about three to five times. Then, thread the rope back through you knots leaving a bit hanging like a tail in the middle of your knots. Put weight on the tail, it will tightened. If the weight is released or lighten, it will open up. Therefore, you will be able to move again. You control the movement by pushing those series of double angler knots in the middle. One should always be mindful that the Prusik Pulley could only be use on double ropes.

The Petzl ZigZag is One of the more commonly recognize pulley systems that follow the Prusik method. The Petzl ZigZag allows the climber to mechanically ascend and descend with grace and ease. By taking advantage of the Prusik Pulley Systems, it is a popular and beloved piece of climbing equipment. Fashioned with a linked rings it allows the climber to stop and move with ease. Like sand passing through an hourglass. Many climbers love this system because of just that, the ease of use, made of steel it can stand a beating, and the pressure released allows easy stopping. Some of the Petzl users reported that some of their pulleys were not stopping. Causeing some climbers to fall. But they have since corrected the issue.

When it comes to tree climbing try out different types of equipments, knots, pulley sytems, and ropes until you find what works for you and the job. Maybe you are more of a jumar man but you will not know unless you give it a try. The Prusik Pulley Systems is just one of the many ways of asceding and descending a rope. It is a common and entrusted way for any climber to get up and down their ropes. That has been around for many years. This writer believes that it will be around for many mores.

It is difficult but then again there are tree climbers like Eddie from Wilmington, NC that are absolute masters when it comes to climbing difficult to climb trees out there, I mean just check out there tree removal page at and they’ll tell you exactly why they are the best in town. Hint: Amazing Tree Climbers… They are far and few to come by…

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