Healthy by Changing Profession?


Here is a an excerpt of my diary when I used to work in a office, this is me wondering about the health epidemic in our country. Now that I work for a tree service business I am out and active all the time. It is a much healthier life style and it forces me to eat well because I need to keep my body rejuvenated for the long day at work.

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a lot harder than healthy people like to admit to let on. When there is a McDonald’s or Burger King or some other fast food place on just about every corner offering all types of delicious but bad for you junk foods, how do you resist.

I work at an office job and sometimes it’s easier to just order some food and have it delivered and most times, it’s not anything healthy, it’s Chinese food, pizza, or sub sandwiches. I know if I took the extra effort at home to prepare myself a good lunch, not only would I be more healthy, I would save a lot of money. Junk food is quick, easy, and very accessible. I counted how many different places there are on the way to work today and there are 17. I only work 10 minutes away from my home and there are 17 different options for me to be unhealthy and 10 of those 17 have breakfast options. So just in case I’m actually going to eat something for breakfast, I can stop to either get a sandwich that has all the calories that I should be eating for the day in it or some donuts or other pastries and a drink that has enough calories for two days.

The thing with fast food places is that even when they offer salads or items that should be healthy, they’re not really, they just have less calories that the other items on the menu. They’ll have a salad and top it with fried chicken, bacon, and ranch dressing and claim that it’s healthy when it really actually isn’t. Then there are the places that actually do have healthier options but because there were additional procedures that the company had to use to procure the healthier foods or cook it separate from their junk foods, it’s more expensive. Most people want to eat better but don’t want to have to spend more money than they usually do in order to do so. I would love to shop at places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s because they have tons of organic and clean foods but they also have things like peanut butter for $27.

I would rather continue shopping at Publix and Winn Dixie where I can get some pretty decent peanut butter for $2. Or invest in tree services, trees can feed you better than that. I have kids and I do want them to have good eating habits so when I can afford it, I do try to get organic things for them and I keep them away from fast food but sometimes in a rush, I do slack off. Granted I know that making a burger at home is different from buying one at restaurant because at least I know what I’m putting in mine. There are all kinds of rumors about fast food not even really being real food, where is the federal regulation on these things?

Maybe that’s why so many kids have developed so many different allergies over the years, because of the crap that we’re eating but don’t even know about.

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